About Us


Africa is one with stark contrasts.

The beauty of a fiery red sunset with the soft gallop of an elegant giraffe is breath taking. With this backdrop, a mother violently struggles to keep her undernourished baby alive.

It is the continent with the most potential, but being the least productive.

With approximately 750 million subsistence farmers that live degraded lives and with no hope of feeding their family,they barely survive.

Africa has been seen for centuries as the one always begging…always needing.

We believe that this can be turned around to become the feast table of the world.

Impact farming believes that with so many rich natural sources at their very fingertips and with the correct management and skill, it can turn not only a family around but also many, many generations to come.

Impact farming started because of a sequence of failed attempts to yield a good crop in the climate of Africa and incorrect farming methods. Impact farming is ultimately founded on the simple rhythms of nature. Impact Farming discovered a very basic natural method to farm the land. All this, with the help of nature’s lessons, to yield a crop that is almost unthinkable.

Implementation management training is given by Impact Farming to individuals.

The cause of the decrease in crop yield is due to burning and deep soil inversion that is common practices on the African farms. This causes sheet erosion resulting in loss of seed and water. Impact Farming takes the time to teach these farmers, or any individual, this basic conservation method of no ploughing or burning with astonishing success. The yield of these crops can provide for the family and even more so, can bring a profit to a family and so,  as a result, a better standing in life. 

Impact Farming also believes that through the life lessons of this farming method, individuals will be empowered within themselves.